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Classic Lit Spin Challenge!

The Classics Club Blog has issued a challenge- a classic spin!  Basically, I list twenty books that I have yet to read on my “50 Classics” list (tab at the top of the page).  The blog will choose a random number between 1 and 20 and then I will read the book corresponding to that number.  So- completely random selection!

My 20:

1. North and South

2. The Prose Edda

3. The Age of Innocence

4. A Moveable Feast

5. My Name is Red

6. Madame Bovary

7. Ivanhoe

8. Villette

9. Death in Venice

10. The Bell Jar

11. Pale Fire

12. Jude the Obscure

13. Le Morte d’Arthur

14. This Side of Paradise

15. Balthazar (part 2 of the Alexandria Quartet)

16. Heart of Darkenss

17. Little Women

18. The Wings of the Dove

19. Franny and Zooey

20. The Count of Monte Cristo