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“Me” by Me

I am an amateur historian with two marginally useful degrees.

I am an avid reader- along with my reading of contemporary fiction and non-fiction I am also trying to read all of the book listed in the Modern Library “100 Best Novels”.

I paint and make jewelry.  Sometimes.  I learned to crochet, but still cannot read the secret codes used in patterns.

I love to cook and experiment with food.  I also love to eat said food.

I love to travel, see new places, and meet new people.  Wherever I am, I already want to be going somewhere else.  However, I am truly awful at learning languages.

I have created this blog so I could connect with other people.  I love to share and have conversations (real or on-line).  I also want to hone my writing skills. See what comes up.  You know…



Arcadia's end

- From the Arcadia series, Thomas Cole

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